How Dog Leads Evolved Over Time

Since humanity learned to domesticate the wild wolf, dog leads have become a part of that human-dog relationship. More popularly known as a dog leash, dog leads are a dog collar’s perfect companion. The simplest dog collar probably debuted as an uncomplicated noose around the neck of the world’s most loved animal.

Maybe that was the original version until some one’s dog got hurt from the unintentional tightening of the rope around the neck area. In order for a dog collar to work, it needs to be easy to put around the pooch’s neck. Hence, the belt approach was invented.

With the human belt as inspiration, it became easier to apply the collar and to remove it at a moment’s notice. However, this only solves one piece of the puzzle. There’s still the challenge of how to connect the pet’s neck to the master’s hand, and that was how dog leads were born.

Innovation, however, doesn’t stop there.  Like evolution, it is an endless process brought by constantly changing needs and priorities. And this would explain why in today’s day and age, there are many different types of dog leads. Just some of these are the retractable dog leash and the leather dog leash.

Like the human belt that inspired the earliest generation of the pooch collar, leather would also find itself in the dog leash mainstream. The leather dog leash, however, is mostly a fashion statement. Sometimes a pet owner just wants to match up his or her best friend with the outfit of the moment. Either that or the dog owner is simply a die-hard leather lover.

Besides, a leather dog leash can only last so much from all the tug and pull that happens when the canine goes for a walk with its owner. It’s certainly not one of the best dog leashes around, even when that leather dog leash is doubled up in order to make the collar thicker as well as more durable. Sooner or later, moisture and rain will conspire to downgrade the leather drama into a fashion disaster.

Presenting: one of best dog leashes around, based on the twin values of aesthetics and usefulness. The front-leading dog harness, so-called because its clever construction translates into an owner’s no-choke and no-pull policy. The dog-centric policy is all about the dog and yet surprisingly, gives the owner more control over the situation.

Since when has giving more love translate into more power to the dog’s human? It’s probably a fluke.  Nevertheless, the tragic flaw in the design of one of the best dog leashes around is that it will never teach an unschooled dog any discipline. Sometimes, the master needs to assert authority in order to teach the charge a thing or two about the true nature of danger.

The workaround is to have two of the best dog leashes around–one traditional and the other the latest innovation. However, if the canine in the equation is well-educated, there’s really no need for Plan B. Just fire away in the bushes and allow the front lead harness to stretch its legs, so-to-speak.