Exercises For Your Black German Shepherd

The German Shepherd Dog is a large dog that needs lots of exercises because it is a very active dog. If a black German Shepherd is not regularly exercised, the dog becomes aggressive. It starts to bark even at minor interruptions and sounds, and starts to pace around. That is why it is necessary to exercise this dog with the right kind of activities and pursuits.

Running around is one of the favorite exercises for this dog. It loves to run around in a park or a garden, and play with other dogs if there are any. You can also take this dog for regular walks in the morning and evening, for about 30 to 40 minutes each. When taking it for a walk, care should be taken that it does not walk on paved surfaces, but rather walks on soft surfaces.

Swimming is another good exercise for this dog. The advantage with swimming is that it is not very stressful on the limbs. So it is a very good exercise for the older black German Shepherds. Another nice exercise for your dog is hiking, when you can even give your dog a backpack where he can carry stuff that he needs. This can include the dog’s first aid kit, and kibbles.