Cool Dog Toys For Your Canine Friend

Are you searching for the best dog toys available online? You need to be careful while purchasing toys for dogs from dog toys online stores. Always check for reviews on the site left by people who have purchased cool dog toys from such sites. Instead of purchasing common toys, why do you not gift him something extraordinary? Thanks to advancements in electronics, you can now purchase interactive dog toys that stand apart from the other playthings as well as provide your furry friend with tons of excitement throughout the year and ensure that he does not get bored. Here is a list of the most popular toys for dogs, including the interactive ones. Remember, dogs are curious by nature and these interactive toys captivate their curiosity.


Imagine the surprise your pet will get when this oversized toy compresses when he chews on it. He will be surprised further when this plaything inflates back to its original shape when he lets go of it. It also contains a handle that allows you to toss it effortlessly.

The treat puzzle

You can rest assured that your dog will love this amazing puzzle, which requires him to remove different pieces from a circular shaped toy made of durable material. Some of the pieces contain treat underneath it. You will squeal with delight when you see your canine friend trying unsuccessfully to remove a piece and the disappointment on his face when he does not find any treat. This toy is not for intelligent dogs because they will soon learn that they can get the goodies by tilting over the puzzle.

The treat dispensing windmill

This is yet another interactive toy for your loved pet. Available in different levels of difficulty, it contains of a windmill having four hollow and transparent plastic fans, containing treats within them. To dispense the treat, your dog will have to spin the wheels at a certain velocity. Be prepared to roll on the floor laughing, while he desperately attempts to extricate the treats from their containers.

Educative and interactive ball thrower

Test the levels of intelligence of your dog with this amazing ball dispenser toy. Powered by a battery, this toy throws a tennis size ball at a pre determined distance. You need to teach your dog to put the ball back into the top of the toy so that it throws the ball again. There is no need for you to tire your arm throwing a ball repeatedly and letting your dog fetch it until he runs out of energy, when he will tire himself retrieving the ball dispensed by this toy.

These are some of the most popular interactive dog toys. Get one of these best dog toys from a reputable store that promotes dog toys online for your canine friend today and see the fun he gets while playing with them.