The Genetics Of Black German Shepherds

The dark coat exhibited by black german shepherds can be quite intimidating. This is exactly the effect that some people want, especially if they are meaning to use one as a house guard. Let’s look at how this comes about.

Dominant or Recessive

The gene which is responsible for this color can either be dominant or recessive. In dominant cases, it appears in the parent and is passed on to the puppy. When it is recessive, it is not immediately obvious that the parent is a carrier but the gene is activated in the puppy. This means that you don’t necessarily need a black german shepherd to produce this kind of mutation in the next generation. Breeders use this knowledge to increase their chances of success, especially since the demand for this kind of german shepherd dog is increasing.

Breeding Techniques

It is important to know about the dog’s ancestry. Trace its bloodline to learn more about the history of its parents and grandparents. These hold the clues about suitability for breeding. It should be noted that the true color of pups is not immediately known upon birth. It will take about eight weeks for this to be determined for certain.