The Pros And Cons Of Spraying Your Female Dog

Everybody has the idea that spaying their female German Shepherd dog is the best things you can do for your dog. People are always given the pros and never the cons. But this doesn’t mean that there are no negatives or side effects on your dog, when you have them spayed.

When a black German Shepherd is on heat, it can be rather messy, inconvenient and embarrassing. They have swollen genitals and spend a great deal of time licking their genitals. They also encourage other dogs to mate with them or may even hump stuffed toys and pillows. Female black German Shepherds cannot be left alone during the heat period, as their scent can be picked up from a miles away and fence may not be enough to stop a heat-crazed male from getting his paws on your precious pet. Spaying is good as it prevent false pregnancies and uterine infections from occurring. On the negative side spaying increases the chances of obesity and exposes your dog to the risk of cancer and hypothyroidism. However, if done too early, it may cause the leg bones to grow unevenly and cause genitals to be much smaller than a dog that has not been spayed.